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Disregard of Moral Values Lead to Unethical Deeds Essay

This greed for money has crossed the limits of all ethical standards, regard and consideration for fellow men, or sympathy and compassion. All these things seem to have gone with the wind and are among the major casualties of the post-independence period. This development can be considered quite a new one, probably an accompaniment of the modern technological development which is . taking place rapidly in this country, as the malaise has especially afflicted the young and the middle aged people. The increasing attraction towards the modern glamorous lifestyles, big cars and bungalows, gorgeous dresses and jewellery has such effect on people that they would not hesitate to resort tovalues all means, unfair to acquire wealth and all luxuries of life. This mad obsession for reaching the top is the dream of everybody, and as such the moral and ethical values do not seem to have any place. Morality is often defined as the doctrine of actions right or wrong it is synonymous with ethics. Moralists are selfless and preach justice in every sphere of life. If people tend to observe morals, they will constitute a healthy and sound society. Morality knows nothing of the geographical boundaries or distinctions of race or color in modern age, the traditional values which are in themselves moral and symbols of rectitude, have been radically transformed. Most of the principles are in a flux and human convictions based a rich human experience are in the melting pot. Obsessions with circumstances and the peculiar conditions prevailing in a region have proved so overpowering that everything else is thrown overboard. Excessive wealth does not necessarily promote culture and intelligence. In fact, the ostentatious and luxurious living that wealth promotes, causes a notable deterioration in character and conception of values. Rarely do highly intelligent people, famous writers or artiest belong to rich families. Since wealth itself has the habit of diminishing fast, most of those who possess it go to any extent, even to the adoption of unethical practices and dishonesty to acquire more wealth. This leads to further decay and deterioration of character. India’s Poet Laureate, Rabindra Nath Tagore warned. â€Å"Greed of wealth and power can never have a limit; a compromise on self-control can never attain the final spirit of reconciliation.

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Creationism Vs. Evolution - 1130 Words

Where do we come from? The creation of the world has been told through many different stories, and from a variety of religions across the world. The argument between evolution and creation has been debated back and forth for years. So how do we know which claim is correct? Has all life evolved from simple bacteria to all the species that appear today, or did life on earth begin with Gods creation of Adam from dust and his partner Eve from adam’s rib bone. As a child I grew up attending church every Sunday with my grandparents, attending bible school, and taught the ways of the Lord. I wouldn’t know any different until my eyes were opened in biology class where the theory of Evolution is justified. There are different explanations to†¦show more content†¦This occurs when a species is separated and mate with a different species, changing their genetic composition, if then the two species were to be brought back together and mate again, it would cause what is cal led ‘gene migration’. This process gives so many different variations among the species, which allows more and more variation and population. This process also explains endangered species and extinction. The main controversy creationist have with accepting the theories of evolution is how all different life forms were produced using genetic material that was present and reproduced from the first living cells. Yet this claim has not fully been proved correct, scientific discoveries and theories have given it great justice so far. Aside from genetic variation, crossbreeding, survival of the fittest etc. Such drastic changes from species to species are due to mutations. In most eyes, mutations are considered to be harmful and destructive. Which is true in some cases, but they are also beneficial in the case of genetics and evolution. Many helpful mutations are incorporated into the normal genotype through natural selection, and when harmful mutations do occur the process of natural selection kills that mutation off. Without randomly occurring mutations, there would have been no development of life and no evolution would have taken place. Many religious people in factShow MoreRelatedEvolution Creationism Vs. Creationism924 Words   |  4 PagesAny point of contact with the scientific world in the 21st century will eventually lead one to the one of the most hotly contested topic in American education, that of evolution versus creationism. While the creationist point of view, as well as the evolutionary perspective, hosts a great variation of opinion amongst its supporters, Christianity is brought to the center stage time after time (Vuletic, 1994). Literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis’ account of creation falls contrary to theRead More Evolution Vs. Creationism Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution vs. Creationism Abstract In the history of science vs. religion there have been no issues more intensely debated than evolution vs. creationism. The issue is passionately debated since the majority of evidence is in favor of evolution, but the creation point of view can never be proved wrong because of religious belief. Human creation breaks down into three simple beliefs; creation theory, naturalistic evolution theory, and theistic evolution theory. The complexities of all threeRead More Creationism vs. Evolution Essays1663 Words   |  7 PagesCreationism vs. Evolution This paper will focus on the huge controversy between Creationism and Evolution. I will provide two opposing viewpoints on this subject. First, the discussion will focus on the question of why many people believe that God created the universe and all living things. On the other end of the spectrum, scientific information will be presented that substantiates the evidence against the existence of God. This creationism counter-argument known as evolution has itsRead More Evolution vs. Creationism Essay917 Words   |  4 Pages Evolution vs. Creationism The Evolution vs. Creationism controversy goes all the way back to the Publishing of Origin of Species in 1859 by Darwin laying the foundation for the evolution of life to be understood. Scientists are continuously finding more evidence to support Darwin’s conclusion; that organisms descended from a common ancestor modified by the mechanism of natural selection resulting in the evolution of species adapting to their environment. The following are the main geological topicsRead More Creationism vs. Evolution Essay1158 Words   |  5 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Where we come from is a question as old as mankind itself. There are countless numbers of religions, each with their own twist on the origins of earth and mankind, but one of the most highly visible debates would be creationism vs. evolution. Depending on where your beliefs lie, the Earth has been around somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 years to 4.5 billion years. One would tend to believe that this vast differe nce in time would make it impossible to have 2 â€Å"theories† thatRead MoreEvolution Vs. Creationism Debate1265 Words   |  6 PagesIn this paper I will be explaining two sides of the evolution vs. creationism debate. The topics I am going to write about are fossil evidence, the origin of life, and Darwin’s â€Å"theory† of natural selection. I will be presenting a view of both sides of the argument they will be on the creation side and evolution standpoint. I would suggest that you, the reader, would have a previous knowledge of all the topics so that you may get a full understanding of both sides. If there is no prior knowledgeRead MoreCreationism Vs. Evolution Essay1318 Words   |  6 Pagespublished his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, which proposed the theory of evolution. This book, along with others that followed, began the long dispute between evolutionist and creationist. Were we created by a supernatural Supreme Being, or did our creation occur purely by chance? First, lets look at the two conflicting theories. Common usage of the term â€Å"evolution† is that living things in our world have come into existence through unguided naturalistic processesRead MoreCreationism vs. Evolution Essay1170 Words   |  5 Pagesassumptions with empirically deduced scientific theories. The Catholic Church had a nasty habit of persecuting such ideological dissent toward creationism, calling it heresy and thereby somewhat suppressing a complete upheaval of the Scriptures. For many centuries to come, the scientific research grew and developed into theories like the Big Bang and evolution, though primarily in places where such progress was tolerated. The state of Tennessee in 1925 was not such a place. In the town of DaytonRead MoreCreationism vs. Evolution Essay1349 Words   |  6 Pages Creationism is the theory that man, the earth, and the rest of the universe was originally created rather than randomly exploding from nothingness into chance existence. We reside on the surface of a small superbly crafted, autonomous self regulating space vehicle. Together with survival, conquest and death w e bear witness to beauty, fragrances, love and music. Think about this. Mathematics, philosophy, springtime, depravity, farming, courtship, quasars, and iphones; all came from nothingness?,Read MoreEssay on Evolution VS. Creationism1412 Words   |  6 Pagesof man and how all living things acquired their characteristics. The two main theories that arose over time were Creationism and Evolution, both of which provided very distinct answers to this question. Creationism based its answer on the idea of a supernatural power or being that created the entire universe, man and the numerous other organisms that live within it. While, Evolution theorizes that all living things have the potential to change and grow over time into something new and different

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Bsa 375 Final - 4504 Words

Preliminary design model Proposed system process view Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Student BSA375/Fundamentals of Business Systems Development University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Foods is one of the preeminent destinations for the discerning shopper looking for all kinds of gourmet and specialty food items they are also one of the finest shopping destinations for anyone who just likes good food. At Kudler Fine Foods the company’s goal is to bring the very best value and quality to their customers and with this in mind Kudler Fine Foods seeks to create a rewards program for their fine customers. Team C†¦show more content†¦Team C Consulting stands ready to assist Kudler Fine Foods with this additional effort. Summary of Project Feasibility Two main issues may affect the feasibility of this program for Kudler Fine Foods. Issue: System installation and employee training must not substantially disrupt operations. Discussion: The system’s administrative infrastructure shall be installed and tested before the software is connected to any POS stations. Training for administrative personnel will be conducted in three separate sessions at each Kudler location, in order to ensure that all backroom employees are not away from their duties at the same time. (Alternatively, training can be conducted after regular business hours, if Kudler Fine Foods would prefer this method.) Once the infrastructure is firmly in place, POS stations will be connected to the system and tested one at a time. This should require no additional training for the cashiers – the duty manager will be responsible for informing them about the new functionality of the card readers as they report for work. Issue: New system must incorporate pre-existing hardware to the greatest extent possible, in order to keep costs down and prevent interruption of business. Discussion: It will be necessary for Kudler Fine Foods to purchase a dedicated server for the program, andShow MoreRelatedFinal Paper Bsa/3752199 Words   |  9 PagesFinal LT Project This proposal has been prepared for Riordan Manufacturing Company by the BSA/375 Learning Team Corporation. We are pleased to provide this proposal and look forward to working closely with members of the Riordan Manufacturing team. After careful analysis and review, we are confident that our recommendations will greatly enhance Riordan Manufacturing and place them firmly in the lead amongst other companies. In order to create a successful business plan, we first conductedRead MoreBSA 375 Final Assignment KFF5755 Words   |  24 Pagesï » ¿ Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Your Name BSA/375 Current Date Instructor Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Introduction: The process management at Kudler Fine Foods desires for ongoing progress and also growth and this must be designed in a manner in which reduces risks. Here are several guidelines to reaching that long lasting goal regarding progress and accomplishment of Kudler Fine Foods. Using a mixture of the a few different methods gives Kudler FineRead MoreBSA 375 Complete Course1474 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Link name    BSA 375Week 1 Discussion Question 1   Ã‚  Ã‚   Why do heuristics and biases play a major role in the success or failure of an IT project? What specific kinds are the most influential factors, in general and for your specific organization?    How does organization culture play a role in the successful reliance on the Joint Application Development (JAD) process to identify and gather business requirements? Would JAD work in your company? Explain why or why not.    BSA 375Week 1 DiscussionRead MoreSystem Analyst Requirements Essay759 Words   |  4 Pagessoftware program that needs to be continuing update. Such software application is the operating system from Microsoft. It requires the user to constantly update for new patches and bug fixes due to security concern and vulnerabilities. As a final note to my memo, the system analyst job is quite demanding due to the extensive requirements he must have and two of those requirements are business and technical backgrounds. These requirements might look simple; however, the job itself is not asRead MoreService Request SR-rm-022, Part 11051 Words   |  5 Pages Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1 August 25, 2014 BSA/375 The COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Hugh McCauley, wants to combine the current assortment of tools in use into a single integrated application. Riordan Manufacturing wants to take advantage of the most sophisticated, state-of-the art information systems technology that already exists in the human resources department (Riordan Manufacturing, 2006). In the development phase, it isRead MoreRiordan Manufacturing Hr System Analysis960 Words   |  4 PagesRIORDAN MANUFACTURING HR SYSTEM ANALYSIS BSA/375 UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX ONLINE INTRODUCTION Originating in 1992 Riordan manufacturing is a worldwide leader in manufactured plastics. Founded by Dr. Riordan, a chemistry teacher, they currently operate out of four facilities: Hangzhou, Pontiac, Albany, and San Jose. They are a fortune 1000 Enterprise whose revenue exceeds 1 Billion dollars. Their major clients include: The Department Of Defense, automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturersRead MoreBSA 375 Week 2 Individual Essay1111 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Service Request Part 1 BSA/375 Service Request Part 1 Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer with facilities located in: Albany Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, Hangzhou China, with a research and development department located in San Jose California. This establishment has produced an annual earning of forty-six million dollars. Riordan Industries, which is the sole owner of Riordan Manufacturing, is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess ofRead MoreBsa 375 Week 2 Ind Paper1085 Words   |  5 PagesService Request SR-rm-022, Part 1 Riordan Manufacturing Key Stakeholders There are several stakeholders at Riordan Manufacturing to gather requirements from to provide a clear picture of the final project. The first stakeholder to gain input would come from the Chief Operations Officer, he was the requestor of the system upgrade, is responsible for the budget, which includes payroll. The Chief Legal Officer oversees the legal aspects of the human resources programs. The individual human resourcesRead MoreBsa 375 Week 2 Individual Paper1431 Words   |  6 PagesIT Solutions: Proposal for New HR System By University of Phoenix BSA/375 09/02/2013 Proposal for New Human Resource System In our quest to ever better ourselves the IT department, of Riordan Manufacturing, is submitting this Request for Proposal to integrate a more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology in our Human Resources department. Riordan Manufacturing has always strived to better ourselves by keeping up with technology in all of our operating systemsRead MoreEssay on Payroll System Implementation1779 Words   |  8 Pagestwo methods. The beginning of the phase will be done using the parallel method, and then a final system cutover will be done to complete the installation. All new hardware; including the server, new terminals, and wiring; will be installed and tested while the old system is still in use. When the new components are satisfactorily installed and tested, the new system procedures will be implemented. Final installation of the network and connection to the database will be accomplished on a weekend

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The Natural Rights Of American Democracy - 1342 Words

American democracy is a government which whom the power is vested by the people. The United States government has fulfilled the American democracy however, there has been major fulfilments that have not been completed. The start to our democracy begin with our Enlightenment ideas which influenced our founding fathers. These ideas dealt with Natural Rights, Social Contract, and Revolution. The Natural Rights idea comes from a famous philosopher named John Locke. He basically states that every human has certain rights that are not given to them by the government and those rights that aren t mentioned are called Natural Rights. This idea was put into effect with the 9th Amendment, this Amendment means there are other rights that may exist aside from the ones directly mentioned in the constitution, and even though they are not mention it doesn t mean that they cannot be violated. Another Enlightenment idea is the social contract. The idea is brought upon a mixture of both John Locke and Jean - Jacques Rousseau. This idea states that the government and the people of t he country are in a contract with one another, the government protects the people and the people obey and allow the government to govern. This is a give and take Enlightenment idea which was thought to be on of the basic ideas for having a democracy. Another very important Enlightenment idea is the Revolution idea also inspired by John Locke. This idea argued that if the government failed to protect our naturalShow MoreRelatedThe Challenge For Property Qualifications For Voting907 Words   |  4 PagesOne basis of political democracy in this period was the challenge to property qualifications for voting. It began in the American Revolution but culminated in the early nineteenth century. After the Revolution, no new state required property ownership to vote, and in older states, constitutional conventions in the 1820s and 1830s abolished property qualifications, partly because the growing number of wage earners who did not own much property demanded the vote. In the South, however, where largeRead MoreEssay about Paine and Burke1644 Words   |  7 PagesFrench and American Revolutions at the late Eighteenth Century. We are going to present a summary of the debate between these two different philosophers in the first part of this essay. The pros and cons of each man will be looked at in the second and third part of the essay and the final part of this essay will explain why Thomas Paines view was more accepted and legitimate in America than Edmund Burke. In summary this essay will compare and contrast both Paine and Burke views of natural rights, humanRead MoreThe Declaration Of Independence And The Constitution1668 Words   |  7 Pagesgreatest achievements of humanity as a whole has been the development of democracy. This idea sprouted with the growth of history’s most successful and innovative civilizations; the Greeks and the Romans. Their enormous populations called for a fair and just way of governing. Why not allow control to stem from the popul ations own members? This logical way of thought is still evident in the world today, especially in the democracy of the United States of America. Upon examination of America’s most valuableRead MoreThe Political System Of The United States1053 Words   |  5 Pagessecond largest democracy in the world, India being the first, it is considered rare, compared to other systems in the world. Where did the founders of the U.S. get their ideas for the political system we have today? The U.S. political system is made up of many components and there are several factors the contributed to what the U.S. political system is today. Such as, where the foundations of the U.S. government came from, the American idea of government, the characteristics of American society andRead MoreVoting--The Pinnacle Of Democracy, Suffrage For All. While1522 Words   |  7 PagesVoting--the pinnacle of democracy, suffrage for all. While it took a couple of centuries for the United States to guarantee uni versal suffrage, we now have it, regardless of sex or race. The struggle of acquiring suffrage is a long history, one that we as Americans paradoxically praise and condemn, but it is history, and now we must look towards the future. Yet, Harvard Professor Dr. Judith Shklar argues otherwise in her lecture â€Å"Voting† where she navigates the history behind the long battle forRead More An Annotation of Section 24 of Walt Whitmans Song of Myself1354 Words   |  6 PagesSong of Myself Walt Whitmans Song of Myself is a vision of the American spirit, a vision of Whitman himself. It is his cry for democracy, giving each of us a voice through his poetry. Each of us has a voice and desires, and this is Whitmans representation of our voices, the voice of America. America, the great melting pot, was founded for freedom and democracy, and this poem is his way of re-instilling these lost American ideals. In this passage from Song of Myself Whitman speaks throughRead MoreThe Founding Fathers, Natural Rights, And The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay1658 Words   |  7 PagesIn more than 200 years, the American government has stayed democratic. But what does this mean? It means that each person has an opportunity to have a say on major decisions that are made in this country. But this has not always been the case. This means that no matter how much money you have, you should still be able to participate and to be involved in the government, but that is simply not the case but, thr oughout history, there have been refinements that have made this idea become true. ThereRead MoreThe Monarchy And A Dictatorship Essay1221 Words   |  5 PagesBeginnings: Describe some of the purposes of â€Å"government†. The government has multiple purposes. Some purposes of the government are to protect the Unites States from outside attacks, such as terrorists, and from itself, provide citizens with civil rights, promote general welfare and establish justice. What are some of the differences between a monarchy and a dictatorship? A monarchy and a dictatorship are forms of government that are similar but also extremely different. Some of the differences betweenRead MoreThe Rule Of Law, No One Is Above The Law1352 Words   |  6 Pagesoffender cannot be given extra punishment if he is an outcast or unwanted in a village. The village may have grudges against them or want revenge on them, but the law protects him from receiving anything other than a fair trial. We all have agency, the right to make decisions and choices on our own. We have used our agency to build a society where we have judges to decide our laws to best govern and protect this people. We have built a society where everyone is treated equally and if we change our lawsRead MoreDemocracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe Consideration of Democracy, Blacks, and Slavery Tocqueville, in Democracy in America, dwells on the strengths and weaknesses of American democracy. When discussing race relations, he recognizes that the presence of the black race in America and the occupation of blacks in slavery could threaten the continuation of the United States as a Union and a republic. As a Union, the United States could be torn apart by the disparities between the North and the South and tensions between blacks and whites

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Theory and Practice Business Financial management

Question: Discuss about the Theory and Practice for Business Financial management. Answer: Introduction Genting Malaysia is a private company that came into force in 1980 but soon was converted into a public company in 1989. The organization of Genting Malaysia and Genting Berhad went through a restructuring phase by getting into a merger (, 2016) Genting Malaysia Berhad is a partnering firm that is mostly involved in leisure as well as partnership business. However, it has been recently collaborating with American film studio to open a theme park, which is set to open up in early 2017. However, there is a need to develop a business plan that needs to be established in accordance with the internal team so that the viability of the new strategy is established in new partnership (Burns, 2014). Summary of Business Department Twentieth Century Fox is collaborating with Genting Malaysia Berhad to open a theme park that is film-inspired in the early 2017. Moreover, it ought to bring an overall new experience of entertainment with magic as well as adventure. The theme park adds to the marketing and growth of increasing globalisation. The business department of Genting Malaysia is required to redesign the total allocating operating expenses with the efforts made in different departments to establish the identity of the industry (Mitrasinovic, 2006). Nevertheless, it is important that a business department analyses all the opportunities, relationships and the profitability of the venture. Moreover, there should be proper planning, scheduling and management of directions and operations such as production, finance, human resources and administration (Wheelen Hunger, 2011). Although, business department of Genting Malaysia Berhad will maintain business network but will also initiate participation from Twentieth Century Fox. Problem Statement The problem statement highlights the concept of weaknesses and threats that the company is facing in micro as well as macro environment. The following problems that highlight the growing nature of Genting Malaysia for a theme park in collaboration with 20th century fox are on the issue of marketing and promotion that is not able to capture the local as well as international market based target segmentation. The third issue is the workforce that is not able to meet the business requirement which is turn is hampering the sustainability and the satisfaction of the customers. On the other hand, the threats the company has been facing is the risk from the international environment based on the new infrastructure followed by competition from the international competitors in entertainment and the current economic situation that is incurring more development as well as operational cost on the pricing system (Genting Malaysia, 2015). However, there is a need to devise policies that not only f urther increase the market share but also helps in implementing those strategies like operational and marketing strategy. Objectives The objectives that have been highlighted in the proposition of the new strategy are the following. To develop a business strategy that is performance oriented and made parallel with the vision and mission of the company. To increase the productivity in every department through implementation of policies that has been focused on increasing the motivation of the employees. To provide every department a clarity on the organization goals by implementing policies To develop a competitive strategy which will adapt to meet the sustainability position of the company in alignment with the each problem that is highlighted in the problem statement. Internal Strategy SWOT Analysis Strengths Strategic location (Derrick Soren, 2010) Infrastructure (Marmon, Shaun Elizabeth, 2009) Strong brand name (Riley Michael, 2006) Weaknesses Promotion (Ramon Joan, 2011) Marketing (Hoyland, Robe, 2006) Workforce (Ariely, Kathleen Vohs, 2009) Opportunities New venture (Derrick Soren, 2010) Tourism (Ramon Joan, 2011) High Revenue Threats Financial Risk (Derrick Soren, 2010) Competitive (Marmon, Shaun Elizabeth, 2009) Economic (Ramon Joan, 2011) Strength Strategic Location The major strength has been strategic location of the company because Malaysia itself has been known for education and one of the prominent locations in Asia region for business. Malaysia has also one of the strong tourism destinations that not only strengthen the encouragement to new venture but also is the best place for 20th century fox to start up a new venture (Burack, Elmer, 2008). The partner of Genting Malaysia with 20th century fox comes under the high ranked hospitality and leisure corporations. Both the corporations have been listed on Malaysia Bursa with $7.7 market capitalization. However, with incorporation of new venture, the organization has been investing $300 million in 20th century fox supplementary to the casino that has been operational since 35 years based on Resorts World Genting destination (Brzeski, 2013). However, the new venture is a feasible dealing in gaming, as it will highlight the marketing perspective of the organization. Infrastructure The infrastructure holds strategic importance because on a yearly basis, the organization has been updating its technological spheres as per the requirements that have to be met by the technological interface on the global level. Although, the technology upholds and is referred to as the backbone of Genting Malaysia Berhad infrastructure the information communication also substitutes to provide an essential base. The organization has been known for tourist attraction as well (Lisa Bolton, 2010). The infrastructure of the company is well accustomed with communications, transports and also in accordance with the accommodation in international standards (Yan, et al., 2013) which means that the research and development management of the organization is an added advantage. Overall, the company offers five hotels namely Maxims Genting, Highlands Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel, and First World Hotel. These hotels comprises of more than 8,000 rooms, 50 fun rides, 200 shopping and dining outlets. Out of the five, First World Hotel is the worlds largest hotel accompanying casino, beverage and retail shopping, concert shows and theme parks (Derrick Soren, 2010; Burack Elmer, 2008). It has seaside properties that not only provides a strong presence in tourism but also internally upgrades the profit and revenue level of the group. Strong Brand name The group holds a strong brand value due to its marketing strategies that strengthens the customers perception (Stephen, Robbins Bruce Millett Terry, 2004). An organization is only known through the brand value it creates and the business strategy that it adopts to maintain the recognition level till a later stage (Kapferer, 2012). The brand name holds to be a reason for any new venture like 20th century fox to stand internationally in a competitive market for the companys revenue achievement (Ramon Joan, 2011). Weaknesses Promotion The company has not been an active participant in promotional activities because as depicted in annual report of the company, it has been incurring losses such that the debts have increased from 1618RM million in 2014 to 4624RM million (Lisa Bolton, 2010; Stephen, Robbins Bruce Millett Terry, 2004). The business functions on the normal system and does not have any additional promotional system that could benefit the company. Moreover, promotion is an important criterion when it comes to entertainment industry so that more customers as well as the markets are involved (Aaker Joachimsthaler, 2012). However, this creates a major impact on the income growth of the Genting Malaysia Berhad group and company. Solution: The Genting Malaysia Berhad should adopt different promotional techniques in marketing like sales promotion, advertisements in social media and digital marketing followed by word of mouth expression. However, opting social media marketing will capture the Generation Y that will not be confined to local but will go global as well because theme parks on gaming is [popular among kids, teenagers and young adults. On the other hand, management should adopt different packaging styles. Marketing The marketing of the Genting Malaysia Berhad is weak and has not been able to match up with the growing needs because the company has not developed a proper marketing strategy based on target segmentation and positioning. However, marketing techniques are not affective to the local and international market because according to the annual report 2015, the revenue is termed to be lower and has not increased substantially from 2014. As depicted in 2014, 5185.6RM million to 5345.8Rm million in 2015 as it only accounts to be a change of 3.64% that is considered negligible when there is a need to invest in the new venture with 20th century fox (Genting Malaysia- Annual Report, 2015). Solution: There is a need for adoption of proper marketing methods that can enhance the companys globalization strength. The new ventures will enable new technology like electronic and information technology through electronic hoardings, publicity in a mall theatre that will help in advertisement of the theme park with 20th century fox (Lisa Bolton, 2010; Stephen, Robbins Bruce Millett Terry, 2004). Even more, new innovative technology like unmanned (remote controlled, remote guided or autonomous) flying objects in the air which is lighter than air machines, amazing concept of art using 3D technology, aerial buttons to create laser ionizing of the molecule to display in air, kinetic lights as well as series of winches of light bulbs that can move up and down such that each light can represent a timing that can be programmed with music (Young, 2015).However, adoption of marketing based on geographical area will spread the idea of theme park to the customers. However, marketing throu gh different partners will attract more customers as well as existing customers in response to the companys loyal customers. Lastly, the segmentation needs to be identified in the target segmentation so that it does not remain a challenge in the marketing management (Ramon Joan, 2011). Workforce The rate of turnout of workforce in the organization pertaining to human resource management has been more because the company does not give sufficient benefits. As a result, it is considered to be a big issue because event management requires more of manpower (Burack, Elmer, 2008; Lisa, Bolton, 2010). Ultimately, the lack of workforce results in uncompetitive business operations. Solution: The new venture of Genting Malaysia Berhad is in need of skills, experience and technology because the workforce strength is equally important as technology to manage the 20th century fox for venture. However, whether the system will lead to effectiveness or not directly depends on the strength of the workforce (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Riley Michael, 2006). Nevertheless, there is effective need to provide proper benefits to sustain the workforce. Moreover, with changes made in the existing structure, there is a need to establish diversity with employment benefits and rewards to maintain sustainability in the organization. Opportunities New Venture Any new venture that uplifts the condition of the organization is considered to be a boon for the organization which not only brings more income or enhance revenue but also attracts the target market of international and domestic customers (Marmon Shaun Elizabeth, 2009; Stephen, Robbins Bruce Millett Terry, 2004). In all, the new venture, also affects the changes in the organization in accordance with the needs of the current generation, which makes Genting Malaysia Berhad competitive enough to improve its growth in future. Moreover, the company enters into a new venture to diversify its new business in the four categories namely organizational, economic, strategic and political. Organizational factor helps in competence and learning building that not only helps in internalization of tacit but also improves performance with legitimation. Economic factors helps in sharing cost and pooling of resources. There is marginal risk reduction as well as risk diversification and obtaining economies of scale. Strategic factors helps in competitive shaping by gaining access to new products and technology and following the bandwagon effect through industrial trends. Political factors helps in market development while overcoming legal and regulatory barriers (Kaats Opheij, 2013). Tourism The tourism in Malaysia is an added advantage to Genting Malaysia Berhad because of the continuous development in business, infrastructure, education and food. That adds volume to the new venture. Overall, Malaysia has become one of the largest countries in Asia ranking in first 5 positions on 2017 on the principle of the global financial crisis (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Riley Michael, 2006). It cannot be overlooked that Malaysia is a country with promising potential. However, rigid management system is considered to be better than the changes in demand and supply forces in a developing country for the continuous growth in the government sector as well. Moreover, tourism opens the door to rest of the people because the country is multicultural, multilingual and multi colored country and mainly contain Malayan, Indian and Chinese population (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Burack Elmer, 2008). Furthermore, the citizen possesses high economic capability and purchasing power to travel around the wor ld. Revenue The new venture can boost the revenue performance of the company as it is more attractive and related to and possess new rides and entertainments for generations. However, to adapt to the new strategy company needs to invest additionally 400 million to replace the old theme park Resort World Genting, Genting Highlands that had been started in 2016. Chairman and CEO Tan Sri Lim Kok rightly said that the supplementing to the total investment, investment of 3 billion has been made on refurbishment programme that includes additional 1300 rooms with First World Hotel (Derrick Soren, 2010; Lisa Bolton, 2010). However, international tourism has been increasing and Malaysian government is actively promoting tourism industry such that both the factors combine together to give an excellent opportunity to the organization, Genting Malaysia Berhad (Hall Page, 2014). Threats Financial Risk The companys financial risk is the huge investments that the company is investing in the new venture. The investment done on infrastructure and changed outlook of the theme park still pose a great threat to the organization as it can be counted in the immediate risk (Ramon Joan, 2011). The company maintains a conservative capital structure and a healthy profile with the strong cash flow position that is measured with acquisition growth. However, the funds generated from operations averaged to 64% in the last three years which terms to favorable when compared with peers industry (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Burack Elmer, 2008). In contrast with Star Cruises, the Genting Malaysia Berhad is facing issues because the three year averaged debt of Star Cruise is only 32.4% with interest cover amounting to 10%. Moreover, the main revenues and costs are the labour and materials that ensures high risk if it is not considered to be economically viable. Solution: The Genting Malaysia Berhad needs to identify its finance allocations so that corrective measures can be taken accordingly on planning, designing, testing and installations. The perfect financial analysis will always minimize the risk while measuring the feasibility of particular investments on technology (Marmon Shaun Elizabeth, 2009; Ramon Joan, 2011). However, the partnership with 20th century fox is important so that proper financial allocations are done that are essential to predict revenues. In addition, the financial risk can be mitigated if the more of fixed costs are changes into variable costs which will not only lower the breakeven point but will also reduce the likelihood of failures due to the lower anticipated sales (Brigham Ehrhardt, 2013) Competitive Environment The competition is rising and the main competitors that Genting Malaysia Berhad is facing from Singapore and Hongkong entertainments (Lisa, Bolton, 2010). The basic competitive factors include promotion, packaging and other related advantages. However, the ganmong market of Singapore and Macau is also facing tough competition. Nonetheless, Genting derives most of its revenue from the steady grind market at home, which is more resistant to competition (Ramon Joan, 2011; Lisa Bolton, 2010). However, SDingapore has schedules development of two resorts and casinos that can divert the cutomers attention which may impact the tourism in Malaysia. Singapore leader announced that the potential developers would therefore be asked to submit bids that will be applied to integrated resorts at Marina Bayfront and Sentosa. Solution: It is important that the company recognizes its immediate competitor so that essential strategies can be constructed for competitor strength assessment for business (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Ariely Kathleen Vohs, 2009). Therefore, the strategy that needs to be undertaken is in relevance to competitors by the pricing and promotional systems and attractive events. Economic Position The current economic position is not beneficial for the company to enter into a new venture because the developmental cost is high (Ariely Kathleen Vohs, 2009; Ramon Joan, 2011). However, with more additional technology, systems and manpower the budget may rise and may result in unfavorable position of the cost. Solution: The new business needs to understand the customers as well as the pricing systems on the GST. Moreover, other operational cost needs to be effective on customers so that the packages made are efficient and attractive and could also cover the cost of the company. Implementation Strategy The management needs to decide the customers service towards mar4keting mix which holds important for Genting Malaysia Berhad entertainment business. The customer service needs to effective so that the business can be influenced for long term (Marmon Shaun Elizabeth, 2009; Burack Elmer, 2008). Although, the new business will attract customers but will require proper effective service system which is essential for the Genting Malaysia Berhad entertainment business Marketing Research Marketing is one of the concepts that need to be helpful in increasing the revenue of the company. The challenges of the organization are to analyse the marketing mix effectively that specially highlights the price, promotion and services (Ramon Joan 2011; Lisa Bolton, 2010). However, as a matter of fact any organization, in this case Genting Malaysia Berhad would require different strategies to be applicable for the new business. Product design and product introduction are the two main challenges that the manager needs to look forward to; followed by the way the new product serves the customers (Li, et al., 2013). However, marketing management strategies and tools are important to be implemented on customer service for the new product in the new business with standard product quality and product availability (Marmon Shaun Elizabeth, 2009). Price marketing strategies like cost plus, demand based, skimming, penetration and competitor indexing with discounts and allowances will be helpful. However, the implementation will be valuable responsibilities will be assigned with incentives and training methods of the employees. The month by month agenda with adjustment mechanism can be one strategy that will keep a track of the program evaluation of the theme park (Fleisher Bensoussan, 2015).Overall pricing system poses a challenge because it directly relates to the market strengths of the company (Derrick Soren, 20 10). However, the price structure adopted needs to be competitive in nature. On the other hand, the Genting Malaysia Berhad new venture with 20th century fox business management requires recognition in the community talks so that the communitys message can be spread through word of mouth to attract more customers in the new business (Riley and Michael, 2006). The other factor physical evidence also plays a crucial role because the promotional activities done through social media marketing will enable their feedback in evaluating the product to attain maximum customer satisfaction (Lovelock, Patterson Wirtz, 2014). Operations Strategy The operations strategy primarily focuses on role of the people, skills and customer service that are significant in a new venture. Therefore, the company should indulge in activities like training and upgrading the new staff acquired through recruitment and selection. However, on account of delay in customer service, certain strategies needs to be undertaken that accounts to serve customer service efficiently (Derrick Soren, 2010; Ariely Kathleen Vohs, 2009). The strategies that can be taken in building a strong customer service are training employees with proper knowledge of the product in this case the theme park and its aspects of service charges, ticket, etc. Secondly, the customer service should be build with proper infrastructure like ticket tracking, call-backs and FAQs; thirdly, solving the query of the customer at the first point through live chat support contact or feedbacks through emails or phone calls. Lastly, the organization should make it a point to deliver on prom ises and making it personal through apologies to customers for delay in work and asking for feedbacks for future assistance (Kansky, 2012). Conversely, if the customer service is served properly then it may enhance the value for the long-term business. However, delivering without delay should be the basic motive of Genting Malaysia Berhad entertainment business. Customer needs should be served with top priority for the company (Ramon Joan, 2011; Stephen, Robbins Bruce Millett Terry, 2004). Nonetheless, the company needs to implement different strategies, process and techniques in different departments to enhance the customer service quality at all levels. The operational strategy highlights that the partnership should follow a unique trajectory that only increases the likelihood of success but also reflects the decisions made in agreement based on strategic alliance (Johnson, et al., 2015). On the event of venture, the key element that needs to be included is as following. Strategic goals and objectives The goals of the new venture on the theme park should be shared as well as individual such that decision undertaken should be in collaboration with each other bit there should be no interference of the allotted task to each other from the other party. There should be level of required institutional commitment from each of the two partners that is 20th century fox and Genting Malaysia Berhad. Roles and responsibilities should be shared by utilizing each others strength to draw the core complementary competencies (van Tulder Pfisterer, 2013). Specific Commitments should be made on agreed roles and different departments needs to be allocated according to the resource abilities from each other such as no one firm is responsible for any work. Decisions making principles and processes are done through the strategic alliance in Malaysia that is primarily done to gain capabilities that not only accompanies expansion but also incorporates the benefits of knowledge, technology and expertise. In addition, as this strategic alliance is based on joint venture in Malaysia where contractual negotiation is active such as each partner namely 20th century fox and Genting Malaysia Berhad will refine their roles according to their contribution and rewards as well as protect and proprietary information based on the degree of arbitration procedures (IoraitÄ—, 2009) Mechanisms of accountability in the strategic alliance acts like partnership were boards, adherence to codes of conduct, oversight committees and accounting standards need to be met. Suitable channels for propagation of outcomes should be carried out as the decisions made are confidential and there should be sense of privacy in the joint decisions made with the top management. The procedure of communication or resolving disputes with each partner of organization should be followed through a proper procedure (Osterwalder Pigneur, 2013). Viability Assessment The viability assessments can be achieved when there is operation and performance evaluation criteria that could be characterized by higher level of commitments, collaboration and communication (Ray, 2013). Figure: Factors influencing strategic alliance Source: (Ray, 2013) Management Strategy The management strategies undertaken in this new venture should solve different issues like finance allocations, time managements, operation managements, and inventory management. The management strategy at each step will overturn the new ventures weakness to strengths and the threats identified could be minimized (Ramon Joan, 2011; Ariely Kathleen Vohs, 2009). However, the management strategies may also serve as a benchmark in solving political and economic challenges and situations. The management strategy is specifically aligned for the senior line managers and executives that are directly responsible for cross company collaborations. Moreover, they are responsible to take care of the day-to-day operations taking place in the new venture (Vachon, 2012). The management strategy on customer service can be applied through promotional strategy for every category of customers. Hence management challenge is promotion implementations at Genting Malaysia Berhad entertainment business (Hoyland Robe, 2006; Riley Michael, 2006). In addition, the time taken for the promotional strategy to serve the new venture of Genting Malaysia Berhad and 20th century fox is also important. The promotion strategies like advertising, theme, media, sales promotion, publicity, product relations and word of mouth marketing will extend the business to be known. The electronic promotion through direct as well as e-marketing will provide effectiveness in the strategy. On the other hand, promotion place of the product on various platforms also terms to be significant to attract local and international customers (Ariely, Kathleen Vohs, 2009). However, the other promotional platform can be social search engines that can be beneficial for magnetizing the potential customers as well (Atras Lykova, 2013). References Aaker, D. A., Joachimsthaler, E. (2012).Brand leadership. Simon and Schuster. Atras, A. Lykova, A., (2013). Driving the markets in the 21st century: How to enhance proactive market orientation using social media. Brigham, E., Ehrhardt, M. (2013).Financial management: Theory practice. Cengage Learning. Burns, P. (2014).New Venture Creation: A Framework for Entrepreneurial Start-Ups. Palgrave Macmillan. Fleisher, C. S., Bensoussan, B. E. (2015).Business and competitive analysis: effective application of new and classic methods. FT Press. Genting Malaysia. (2015).Annual Report 2015. Available at: [Accessed 1 Jun. 2016]. Genting Malaysia. (2015).Sustainability Report. Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2016]. (2016).Genting Malaysia Berhad - Profile. Available at: [Accessed 30 May 2016]. Hall, M. C., Page, S. J. (2014).The geography of tourism and recreation: Environment, place and space. Routledge. IoraitÄ—, M. (2009). Importance of Strategic Alliances in Companys Activity.Intellectual Economics,1(9), 39-46. Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D., Regnr, P. (2015).Fundamentals of strategy. Pearson. Kaats, E., Opheij, W. (2013).Creating Conditions for Promising Collaboration: Alliances, Networks, Chains, Strategic Partnerships. Springer Science Business Media. Kansky, M. (2012).7 customer service strategies to help you beat the competition.LiveHelpNow Blog. Retrieved 9 June 2016, from Kapferer, J.N., (2012).The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. Kogan page publishers. Li, Q., Maggitti, P. G., Smith, K. G., Tesluk, P. E., Katila, R. (2013). Top management attention to innovation: The role of search selection and intensity in new product introductions.Academy of Management Journal,56(3), 893-916. Lovelock, C., Patterson, P.G. Wirtz, J., (2014).Services marketing. Pearson Australia. Mitrasinovic, M. (2006).Total landscape, theme parks, public space. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Osterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y. (2013).Business model generation: a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. John Wiley Sons. Ray, S. (2013). Strategic alliance in India under globalized economic scenario.Advances in Asian Social Science,4(2), 824-835. Vachon, C.J. (2012). Scratch My Back, and I'll Scratch Yours: Scratching the Surface of the Duty of Care in Cross Sector Collaborations--Are For-Profits Obligated to Ensure the Sustainability of Their Partner Nonprofits?.Hastings Business Law Journal,8(1). van Tulder, R., Pfisterer, S. (2013). Creating Partnering Space.Social Partnerships and Responsible Business: A Research Handbook, 105. Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D. (2011).Concepts in strategic management and business policy. Pearson Education India. Yan, Y., Qian, Y., Sharif, H., Tipper, D. (2013). A survey on smart grid communication infrastructures: Motivations, requirements and challenges.Communications Surveys Tutorials, IEEE,15(1), 5-20. Young, J. (2015).Cool New Technology That Could Come to a Theme Park Near You! - Theme Park University.Theme Park University. Retrieved 10 June 2016, from

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The Discovery Of The Electron Essay Example For Students

The Discovery Of The Electron Essay The Discovery Of The ElectronThe electron was discovered in 1895 by J.J. Thomson in the form ofcathode rays, and was the first elementary particle to be identified. Theelectron is the lightest known particle which possesses an electric charge. Itsrest mass is Me approximately equal 9.1 x 10 -28 g, about 1/1836 of the massof the proton or neutron. The charge of the electron is -e = -4.8 x 10^-10 esu elec trostaticunit). The sign of the electrons charge is negative by convention, and that ofthe equally charged proton is positive. This is somewhat a unfortunateconvention, because the flow of electrons in a conductor is opposite to theconventional direc tion of the current. The most accurate direct measurement of e is the oil drop experimentconducted by R.A. Milikan in 1909. In this experiment, the charges of dropletsof oil in air are measured by finding the electric field which balances eachdrop against its weight. The weight of each drop is determined by observing itsrate of free fall through the air, and using Stokes formula for the viscousdrag on a slowly moving sphere. The charges thus measured are integral multiplesof e. We will write a custom essay on The Discovery Of The Electron specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Electrons are emitted in radioactivity as beta rays and in many otherdecay processes. The electron itself is completely stable. Electrons contributethe bulk to ordinary matter; the volume of an atom is nearly all occupied by thecloud of elec trons surrounding the nucleus, which occupies only about 10^-13 ofthe atoms volume. The chemical properties of ordinary matter are determined bythe electron cloud. The electron obeys the Fermi-Dirac statistics, and for this reason isoften called a fermion. One of the primary attributes of matter, impenetrability,results from the fact that the elec tron, being a fermion, obeys the Pauliexclusion principle. The electron is the lightest of a family of elementary particles, theleptons. The other known charged leptons are the muon and the tau. These threeparticles differ only in mass; they have the same spin, charge, stronginteractions, and weak interactions. In a weak interaction a charged lepton iseither unchanged or changed into and uncharged lepton, that is a neutri no. Inthe latter case, each charged lepton is seen to change only into thecorresponding neutrino. The electron has magnetic properties by virtue of (1) its orbital motionabout the nucleus of its parent atom and (2) its rotation about its own axis. The magnetic properties are best described through the magnetic dipole movementassociated with 1 and 2. The classical analog of the orbital magnetic dipolemoment of a small current-carrying circuit. The electron spin magnetic dipolemoment may be thought of as arising from the circulation of charge, that is, acurrent, about the electron axis; but a classical analog to this moment has muchless meaning than that to the orbital magnetic dipole moment. The magneticmoments of the electrons in the atoms that make up a solid give rise to the bulkmagnetism of the solid. Science